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For many years Martin Llamedo has given his knowledge to their students, generously. He has taught at the National University of Arts as well as he has done in specialized sites. He has opened the doors of his studio and invited his students to an integral conception of Art; to concentrate on erudition, in both the intellectuality, the technical, sensitive and emotional aspects. For it, he has committed with each identity, of every future artist.

To Llamedo teaching involves the opening of a world, remove the veils to each particular student essence. Consistent with his artistic work, intensifies the teaching in the values of the European academic art, in in the technician and in the models of apprehension, which has given to the humanity a figurative art without rival. Once, and in conjunction that the student is revalued himself, thanks to the accumulated knowledge, the teacher will accompany and help to the apprentice to generate a conceptual and a pictorial proposal, this is an own and genuine, integral discourse, taking the erudition and the tools of the present and the past. So the apprentice will not only learn a technicality or a determined personal formula, but rather the broad framework that involves the whole process that is to be an artist.

At the moment, M.LL. is not doing workshops. If you are interested, be alert to possible dates and places added on this site in the future. Or contact to to be added in database and receive notifications and news about it. Thank you